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Talalla, Sri Lanka (yoga, now with more sand)

Perfection is a gorgeous beach with light colored, soft sand and crystal clear water, in a bay with gentle waves and hardly any other people.  There is literally nothing to do here but swim and read and laze about. That said, I get too squirrelly after a couple days of no activity, so I went on the search for a yoga class I could do while here. I went to the first resort and was told that yoga was only for guests, the next one had drop in, “but ma’am, the classes are 15USD.” Staff at both places were quite snooty, perhaps because I rolled up from the beach in my stained shirt and elephant ‘traveller’ pants, but still. I didn’t end up doing a class anyway. It felt far too pretentious for my liking. Instead, I did my own yoga on the beach for each of the 3 days I was there, saved myself $45USD and probably ended up with a better practice, despite the sand and occasional dog interruption. I followed my morning yoga with a run up and down the beach and then had the most amazing breakfast at my hotel, which thankfully was included in the room rate. Food is pretty expensive everywhere on this beach, I paid $3 for a tea that wasn’t even strained and $10 for the same rice and veg curry that has been $2 – $5 in other places. 

No, I didn’t eat it all! But omg yum.

So that was my day: yoga, run, breakfast, trip plan, swim, read/listen to podcasts, swim, read, eat… You get the idea. I actually considered leaving a day early because I was starting to feel like I was wasting time on the beaches when I have so much more of Sri Lanka to see. But with the amazing food, chill atmosphere, and amazing beach, I stuck it out and had a very relaxing time. Talalla is still one of Sri Lanka’s best kept secrets, but construction is happening and it won’t be like this forever. If you come to Sri Lanka in the near future, do not miss Talalla! 

View from hotel restaurant

And to my surfing friends, I’m no expert in knowing which waves are surf-able, but the early morning waves were huge and there was not a soul out there. I tried body surfing later in the day and caught such a huge wave that it spun me around and I smacked my head on the ocean floor. This is why I don’t surf, I’m clumsy and I have a fear of drowning. 



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