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Slocomb’s Rise

Continuing on with my summer hiking/training adventures…

Trip 4 – Slocomb’s Rise (Aug 26-28)- 1840M

I had a 5-day weekend and we had planned to hike into Ruth Masters Lake and then do day trips to three nearby mountains, which would have been an excellent training opportunity. Unfortunately the weather, which was a familiar constraint this summer, was not cooperating and thus we only had 3 good days. I have to admit, I am a little nervous about trekking for 21 days straight when the most consecutive days I’ve hiked has only been 3.

Having said that, W finally completed Mount Colonial Foster the week before so it was time for him to get back to the project anyway. Next on the list was Slocomb’s Rise, a less familiar mountain in the area and considered a “satellite peak” to the mighty Colonial Foster (the pointy peak pictured above).

The summit of Slocomb’s Rise – we took the climb-y way up of course

The hike to our camping spot at Elk Pass was long but incredibly worth it to have this vast area all to ourselves bordered by mountain vistas. For once we were not pestered by kamikaze flies or mosquitoes and were able to stay out of the tent until dark.

Camp site surrounded by mountains – not another soul in sight

We slept in and had a late start to the day due to fog, which was fine anyway because it only took us about 2 hours to reach the summit. W took us up the most direct route which had me crawling on all fours for fear of falling backwards down the mountain side. Thankfully we found a different route down from the summit and had a ton of time to explore and check out a lake we saw in the distance.

Steep climb on loose rock. Eyeing up the lake in the distance for afternoon swims.

Unfortunately it was too cold to swim, so we went back to the little lake by our camp and drank some wine. Yes, packing in 2L of wine was totally worth it (1L for each night). We had a lot of time on our hands, so we decided to hike back a couple hours to an opening in the forest next to the creek and spent the night there.

We walked across the top of this on the way up – oopsie

We were grateful to have done the toughest and most overgrown part of the trail the night before because it rained all morning and it was nice to cut 2 hours off our 6 hour hike out. Despite getting soaked, this was by far my favorite hike of the summer – I’m pretty sure that it had something to do with actually getting a view and not having to camp with other people or insects.




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