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Bedwell Lake and Cream Lake

My weekends with W continues with Trip 2 – Bedwell and Cream Lakes (July 15-17), also located in Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island.

This hike was chosen because of the sheer beauty that is Cream Lake. You’d think that a hike to a couple of lakes would be easy, but this hike was plenty challenging so don’t be fooled.

I’m sure the lake was stunning, but I couldn’t actually see further than this.

On day 1 we hiked up to Bedwell Lake and got there early enough to have our pick of tent pads. By dinnertime, the place was unbelievably full and I was grateful we chose an upper, more private spot away from the lake. That did not stop us from having to listen to the extremely loud Brit who never ceased talking along with the gaggle of girls she brought up with her. In addition to this, the bugs were unreal and I was grateful that a) I had brought a bug net for over my head and b) that this made the girls head to bed a lot earlier than we expected.

Lovely sunset at Bedwell Lake – pretend there are no bugs.

We headed out to Cream Lake before the rest of the crowd but unfortunately it was again overcast, so the “views” were non-existent. This was my third hike in a row with W that was overcast and I was beginning to think that he was bad luck!  We arrived at the lake fairly early and had a nice long rest before we heard the girls at the other end of the lake. I laughed when about ½ an hour later I heard the Brit yell out, “guys, guys, I think we’re at the lake.”

Between Bedwell Lake and Cream Lake

We spent another night at Bedwell with the millions of pestery little flies before hiking out the next day. I asked W why he keeps taking me to these places with so many other people and he assumed that I would prefer the comforts of having an outhouse and a tent pad. Nope, get me away from all of these people and let me dig a cat hole when needed – so that’s what we did for the next 2 trips.

Our one sunny break with a lucky glimpse of Mount Septimus


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